Arduino Nano Pinout V3 (Compatible) ATmega328, CH340G USB-TTL (w/o USB cable)

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This is the new version of our Nano V3 board that is fully compatible with the Arduino Nano. Arduino Nano Pinout V3 constructed on the ATmega microcontrollers has the smallest size and can be used together with model boards for solderless wiring (breadboard).

This nano arduino has a similar structure with the Arduino Diecimila / Duemilanove, but different size. To reduce the size, components are mounted on both sides of the PCB. The arduino nano pinout board uses a chip CH340G as converter UART-USB. Chip CH340G - is a budget solution.

With an operation frequency in 12Mhz, it yields a stable result of a data interchange. (For correct installation of drivers on the computer, follow the instruction). Nano V3, can be powered via micro USB-port (up to 500mA). External power supply 6-12V unregulated to output VIN, or 5V external power source to a regulate output of 5V. The power supply is automatically selected with the maximum voltage value.



  • Model Number:NANO-V3-ATmega328/CH340
  • Application:AVR
  • Type:Microcontroller
  • USB:MicroUSB
  • USB-TTL converter:CH340G
  • Microcontroller:Atmel ATmega328
  • Power Out:5V-800mA 3.3V-800mA
  • Power In (pin VIN):6-12V
  • Power to USB-port:5V (500mA maximum)
  • Note: Unsoldered Pins


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