DFRobot Gravity: Analog SHT30 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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Gravity: Analog SHT30 Temperature & Humidity Sensor adopts the new generation SHT30 temperature and humidity sensor from Sensirion. Thanks to Sensirion's CMOSens® technology, highly integrated capacitive humidity sensing components and band-gap temperature sensing components, the SHT30 offers high reliability and long-term stability with low power consumption, fast response and immunity to interference. The sensor is internally calibrated, linearized and amplified to output analog voltages that are linear with temperature or humidity. It is compatible with 3.3V/5V controllers such as Arduino, micro:bit, EP32. 


    • Internal auto-calibration, linear analog voltage output
    • High precision, low power consumption, fast response
    • Compatible with 3.3V/5V controller


    • IC (Sensor): Sensirion SHT30
    • Input Voltage (VCC) : 3.3V~5.5V
    • Interface: Gravity Analog (PH2.0-3P,analog voltage output 0.3-2.7V)
    • Quiescent Current: <0.5 mA
    • Dimension: 30×32 mm / 1.18×1.26 in
    • Weight: 3g
    • Temperature Performance

Range: -40 ~ 125 ℃
Resolution: 0.01 ℃, 14bit
Accuracy: ±0.2℃@10~55℃ (typical), ±1.5℃@-40 ~ 125 ℃ (typical)
Response Time: >2s

    • Humidity Performance

Range: 0 - 100 %RH
Resolution: 0.006 %, 14bit
Accuracy: ±3 %RH@10~90 %RH (typical),±8 %RH@0~100 %RH (typical)
Response Time: >8s


    • Urban Environmental Monitoring
    • Intelligent Building, Home
    • Industrial Automation

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