Hall Effect Sensor with LM393 Comparator, Motor Speed Test

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A Hall effect sensor is a sensor that response to a magnetic field. When the hall sensor is put in a magnetic field the electrons running through will move to one side of the sensor. The sensor will then have one positive and one negative side and create a voltage, known as Hall voltage.

    • Support 5 V / 3.3 V voltage input
    • PCB board size: 30mmx15mm
    • Signal detection sensitivity can adjust
    • On-board LM393 voltage comparator chip and hall sensing probe
    • Has a power indicator and signal output instructions.
    • Single-channel output.
    • When modules without triggering the output low; when module has triggered, the output high.
    • Sensitivity adjustable (fine-tuning).
    • There is a magnetic field signal output cut.
    • Output switch circuit board can be directly connected microcontroller or shop relay module, buzzer module.
    • Can be used for motor speed / position detection and other occasions

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