L298N motor driver board module

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  • Module name: dual H bridge motor transmission module
  • Work mode: Bridge H (double road)
  • Main control chip: L298N
  • Logic voltage: 5 V
  • Unit voltage: 5 v-35 v
  • Logical: 0mA-36mA
  • Driving current: 2 A (Maximum single bridge)
  • Storage temperature: -20 A + 135
  • Maximum power: 25 W
  • Weight: 30g
  • Peripheral dimensions: 43x43x27mm
Product characteristics:

This module uses L298N as the main transmission chip, with a strong driving capacity, low heat, and strong anti-interference capability.
Through this module, you can use the 78 m05 car power supply of your work. But, in order to avoid the voltage regulator chip damage when the driving voltage is higher than 12 v uses the external logic power supply of 5 v.
This module uses a high capacity filter capacitance, a continuation protection diode can improve reliability.

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